Hive IQ Gift Card

$50.00$1,000.00 inc GST


Introducing the HiveIQ Gift Card: the perfect present for the eco-conscious individual who values the crucial role bees play in our ecosystem! HiveIQ specializes in crafting high-quality polystyrene beehives designed to provide a sustainable and nurturing environment for our precious pollinators.

With a HiveIQ Gift Card, your loved ones can choose from a range of innovative beehive products that are built to last, easy to maintain, and highly efficient. HiveIQ’s mission is not only to promote healthy bee populations but also to inspire a community of beekeepers and nature enthusiasts committed to making a positive impact on the environment.

Gift the opportunity to be part of this movement and support the bees by choosing a HiveIQ Gift Card today! Together, we can create a buzz for a greener and more sustainable future.