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The Varroa Board is designed to slide into a slot on the underside of the HiveIQ Hive Base. The tray should be placed into the slot for short periods of time for monitoring varroa infestation levels. It should be left out at all other times except for early spring when it can be used to warm the brood chamber to encourage faster spring build up.

The Varroa Board is also useful if you need to fumigate an empty beehive for parasites like wax moth. By inserting the varroa plate, it seals off the box retaining any gas from the fumigation treatment.

Note: Varroa Board Tracks are required to be able to use the Varroa Board. If you don’t have the tracks already, purchase the Varroa Board and Tracks Kit.

SIZE: 27.6mm wide x 50mm long x 3.5mm thick

POSTAGE NOTE: Up to 4 Mats can go in the ‘small parce’l rate. So if you order more than 1 give me time to adjust the postage back for you BEFORE you make payment. 🙂