Uncapping Slicer NEW!

$16.50 inc GST


The New Ultimate Uncapping Slicer™ Beekeeping Tool 

Slice through honey frames in only 3 passes with this cost friendly, low maintenance uncapping slicer. The grip refuses to slip and with warm water, it cleans like a charm.

How to Use:

Grip the Ultimate Capping Slice™ handle and draw cutters through the cappings, using the handle angled slightly away; the Side Guides will control the depth of the cut. Use just enough pressure to slice through the cappings. Drawing the Ultimate Capping Slicer™ from the top down gives the best results. The wedge at other end of tool is handy for prizing frames apart so you don’t need to put the tool down during the uncapping process.

  • Dimensions:
  • 9 inches long; measures 2-1/2 inches wide where tines are located