Twin 4 Frame Nuc Conversion Kit – 9 Frame (available mid Nov)

$45.30 inc GST


Provides a considerably low-cost solution for beekeepers and simplifies the management and storage of what can be a considerable quantity of equipment and material for larger commercial operators. Stored hive equipment such as Nuc hives and frames require specialized cool room storage or chemical treatments to repel pests such as wax moth and small hive beetles. The HiveIQ solution removes this problem.

An entrance reducer is placed behind the main entrance which divides it into two entrances and provides guidance for the divider board. The divider board is made from strong, light weight closed cell foam to prevent moisture absorption, and is laminated with a high strength food grade plastic preventing pest/bee chewing damage as well as protecting the divider board during rough handling.

The conversion kit’s flexibility enables the hive to be quickly converted back to a 9-frame production hive when the Nuc configuration is no longer required.

Components included in the Nuc Conversion Kit:

              1 x Nuc Divider Board
              1 x Nuc Entrance Reducer
              3 x Screws to attach Entrance Reducer

Postage Note: If requiring more than 1x item place your order and before you make payment I will get back to you with an exact postage cost.