STARTER KIT: with Double Wooden Hive

$805.00 inc GST


Starter Kit has all that a person starting out in Beekeeping will need to get going. (Bees Not Included here but you can order Nuc i.e. small 5 frame starter hives for Spring through me.)
Kit Includes:
1x Double Deep 8 Frame Wooden Hive. Hive is Assembled, Hot wax dipped and painted for long life.
16x Deep Frames Ready to use (8 for each box) i.e.  assembled with wire. eyelets and quality pure wax foundation
1x Steel Queen Excluder
1x Small Hive Beetle Trap
1x Hive M Lock with nylon strap

Tools & Protective Gear:
1x Hive Tool
1x Bee Brush
1x Beeco Smoker (Australian made)
1x Triple Ventilated OzArmour Full Suit
1x Pair sturdy OzArmour Gauntlet Gloves
1x Frame Holder – helpful when doing inspections to hold the frames removed from the hive instead of setting on the
1x Sugar Shake Kit & Drone Uncapping Fork (needed to carry out required Biosecurity tests as part of your registration & good beekeeping).
1x Australian Beekeeper Manual

Note: Kit can be adjusted if you already have some items or wish to add other items.