Starter Kit – with the NEW Triple HiveIQ EPS Hive Kit

$889.00 inc GST


Starter Kit has all that a person starting out in Beekeeping will need to get going. (Note: Bees Not Included)
Kit Includes:
Hive ware:
1x Triple Box 9 Frame ‘HiveIQ’ Polystyrene Hive.
1x Meal Lid Cover : Silver Zinc Coated. (white or yellow powder coating can be chosen instead in desired- slight cost increase)

18x Deep Frames Ready to use i.e.  assembled with wire, eyelets and quality pure wax foundation (9 for each 2 hive boxes)
1x Steel Queen Excluder included in HiveIQ Kit
1x Small Hive Beetle Trap
1x Hive M Lock with nylon strap

Assembly Manual Provided in Kit: Easy to assemble and just requires 2 coats of water based exterior paint on outside of bee boxes and both outside & inside of the base and lid (most foot traffic :-))

Tools & Protective Gear:
1x Hive Tool
1x Bee Brush
1x Beeco Smoker (Australian made)
1x Triple Ventilated OzArmour Full Suit
1x Pair sturdy OzArmour Gauntlet Gloves
1x Frame Holder – helpful when doing inspections to hold the frames removed from the hive instead of setting on the
1x Sugar Shake Kit & Drone uncapping fork (needed to carry out required Biosecurity tests as part of your
1x Australian Beekeeper Manual