Honey Refractometer

$55.00 inc GST


Very easy to use, just take a small amount of honey and place on glass, close flap, press to remove air and make film even. Hold up to light. Enables you to check the moisture content of honey frames. Particularly useful to check frames that are not completely capped.
Measuring Range:
38-43 Be’ (Baume)
12-27% Water
0 .5% Brix
0.5Be’ (Baume)
1% Water
±0.5% Brix
±0.5Be’ (Baume)
±1% WaterIt includes:1 X Brix Refractometer
1 X Pipette
1 X Mini screw driver
1 X Mini cleaning cloth
1 X Soft Protective Carrying Case
1 X Operations manual