Easy See Clear Screen for Beekeeping Hoods

$49.70 inc GST


These are an amazing innovation to give you a clear view when doing your hive inspections. It can be a struggle to see eggs for instance through a veil …. but you cant remove that over the hive so next best thing is to remove the mesh!! And this is exactly what the Easy See screen allows you to do with this 5 x 7″ clear window.

The Easy See, once installed will remove the mesh from your beekeeping veil and allow you to see in your hive clearly and let you rest assured your hive is doing well or let you know if you need to take some action to remedy a problem (screen is fastened together with 10 metal screws).

Spare Screens are available for purchase.

Note Re Postage: 2x screens can be fitted into the one ‘small parcel’ postage cost. If you order two just give me time to alter the postage back to one amount for you before you make payment.