NEW! Control of Varroa – A guide for NZ Beekeepers

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VARROA: A guide on the identification and control of Varroa mite. By M. Goodwin & M. Taylor

The guide aims to give beekeepers the practical tools they will need to minimise the effects of varroa while continuing to produce wholesome bee products and provide vital pollination services.

The guide reviews the world literature on varroa control and puts the information in a straightforward, easy-to-reference form that will be useful to all beekeepers, whether they are hobbyists, or commercial producers.

The 3rd edition of this book contains improved photographs and several updates on important topics including:

  • Pest identification guides
  • The importance of monitoring varroa populations to ensure treatments have worked
  • Treatment timing
  • Case studies

Note: this book is written in accordance with New Zealand agricultural laws and for an endemic varroa control environment. Please check the registration and biosecurity status of all treatments and pests in your jurisdiction.