AFB Diagnostic Hive-Side Test Kit (Vita)

$24.90 inc GST


To use this AFB test, you simply need to take a larva, shake it up into the bottle, and drop the resulting liquid in the test cassette. The image shows a negative test (one line, not two).

American foulbrood is a serious brood disease. It is spread by spores that can be present in honey and other hive products, and on hive tools and components. AFB is commonly spread by robbing of weakened hives. The NSW DPI recommends that beekeepers check their hives for AFB in October and test them if possible. Dept of Ag Vic its Spring and Autumn. Records must be kept. Please see Bee Aware for more information on AFB.

Urgent Notifiable Disease: Contact the Customer Service Centre on 136 186 or email

Information from the manufacturer:

The Vita American foulbrood (AFB) Diagnostic Test Kit enables beekeepers and bee inspectors to test for AFB in honeybee larvae and to obtain the results immediately and easily in the apiary.

Key Facts

  • Diagnostic kit works like a home pregnancy test [or a RAT test!]

  • Generates immediate results

  • Reacts specifically to antibodies associated with the pathogen Paenibacillus larvae subsp. larvae which causes AFB in honeybees

  • Note on Postage: up to 4 items can go in a ‘small parcel’. If you decide to purchase more than one kit give me time to reduce the postage cost back for you BEFORE you make payment.